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For our personas, we focused on making them

Self Reflection- Jacky : As the prevalence of digital media in our physical environments increases daily, what is the role and/or responsibility of designers in shaping our environments?

I think that the role of designers to…


  • structured
  • sturdy
  • balanced
  • poised
  • industrious
  • minimal
  • subtle
  • versatile
  • bold
  • modern
  • inventive

Background Research

The font was created by Adrian Frutiger in Switzerland. It was a commissioned project by the Bauer Type Foundry, and Frutiger started development in 1964 and released the font in 1967. …

Initial Notes:

On first impression of the Film festival, I noticed that they are bringing together many different films all centered around showcasing disabilities representation in film. The main steps I took was grouping the different pieces of text as well as categorizing each part. …

In this project, our group ( Jess, Ana, Susan, and myself) worked on analyzing and presenting the attributes of National Geographic.

Initial Thoughts on Project:

In our initial discussion of the publication, we went through both the print and web versions and came up with a few notes on each…

Initial Drawings:

Looking at the shell, my initial observations are that it is a very complex shape. I noticed how the main axis runs more crooked in the shell than being straight. I am a little apprehensive for this project because I am not great at recreating form and noticing…

3/30 — Storyboard

For my story board, I just mapped out the frames I am looking to animated and then also made note of different transitions that I want to include.

Breakdown of the storyboard:

  • Cell 1: Title page on an arial view of the water
  • Cell 2: Title moves…

March 16 | Thumbnails

To begin this project, I want layout the main parts of the composition that I want to include and jot down a few notes on the thumbnails.

Main Elements:

  • Skimmer in flight skimming the water — maybe 2 birds max
  • Human Disturbance in the background: This…

Feb 25 | Research of Animal — Story

The Black Skimmer:

For my animal, I chose the Black Skimmer. The main reason I chose this animal was because it was a more interesting bird that spends time in Maryland where I live. I also think it could be really beautiful…

Jacky Lococo

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