Design Hero — Poster

Choosing a design hero

Top 2 Choices

  1. Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin — FINAL CHOICE

Moodboards — REVISED


  • Use the forms created by Cardin to drive the geometry of the piece, the perfect circle might not create that much intrigue in the composition
  • The elongated “I” is very similar to the Tribecca Film Festival so find another way to use his name — also use all lowercase because that is actually his logo.
  • Be careful about placing → circles with “CARDIN” make it look like “CARDINO”
  • Bottom row is most intriguing for some people.

Idea Formulation: Feb 4

Continued Explorations: Feb 3 — Feb 6

Creating Two Draft Compositions:

References of 60’s mod/futuristic pieces and different uses of circles (none of cardin’s work or pieces)


2 Draft Posters:

Feedback Feb 8

  • Incorporation of the portrait: be more intent rather than just tacking it on
  • Can there be different text sizes within body: creates hierarchy
  • Get text into poster to know what your working with *
  • Craft more of a dynamic image — not just grid like static
  • Scale hierarchy → change up the different sizes of the circles
  • Use circles within his work to complete some of them
  • Pull from both of the posters to make something a bit new
  • Create movement outwards with the scale of the circles.

Priorities and Next Steps

  • I want to develop the reference to space a lot more
  • I think I need a clear visual direction which I’m kind of having to shape a bit still

What I want to say about Cardin:

Thursday Feb 10–Draft 1 Poster


  • Complexity → comes from varying sizing
  • Less type in the paragraphs → 2–3 sentences
  • Create blacks when you work in CMYK : 30, 30, 30, 100
  • Export in TIFS and make a 300 dpi at least
  • Drop cap, make it more intentional and deeper into the paragraph
  • Maybe bring up the blue girl a bit more

Feedback from Yoshi:

  • Add texture to the different rings
  • Add textures or spot colors to the different “planets”
  • Add a different space suit to try and incorporate a bit more → look up retro maybe make it more dynamic → maybe even make him smaller
  • Drop shadow: looks a bit UI/UX needs more finessing to look good
  • In the quote → use caps
  • For timeline → maybe left align the numbers
  • Some tangents and some open space in the circles that feel a bit empty
  • Try out some other colors → the gold is receding a bit and is harder to print

Classmates Feedback Exercise:

  • Empty spaces within the circles
  • Maybe adding more space between the different circles
  • spaces are a bit funky between element's of the timeline
  • the circle girl looks a bit tagged in there
  • Finness the rag a bit (I think maybe I should try justification)
  • make it pop a bit more
  • have nuance within the message and details
  • create considered details
  • Play with the circles a bit → break the grid but use as reference for type and paragraph etc.
  • adding complexity
  • clean crisp type ALSO CONSIDERED → not just slapping it where I did
  • Playing with the composition of the circles, rings, name etc.
  • Also I think I need to visually cleanse my pallet a bit and stare at a blank wall because I think studio is very visually stimulating and its hard for me to turn on the “fresh eyes” perspective with this project
  • Maybe add some dimension to the portals (see below)
Color palette left, explorations right

Shifting colors and Images

grid and circle structure

New Photos


“Form comes first. Then the material that expresses the volumes, the flow, the flexibility. Color comes last.” -PC

Other color explorations:

Final Poster

Feedback After Submission

  • Typeset the captions and the paragraph a bit more
  • Think about the choice to have the photos be all white and black



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