Endangered Animals — 3D Forms

Photo of the Black Skimmer with baby (AW)
Images of wings spread out
Full body view
Close ups and other angles
  • Movement
  • Flying
  • focus on shape rather than the color
Proportion and sectioning drawings/notations
Body and tail of bird
Head and black feathers
images and gif of movement
Reference photos used during the process
Comparison between actual bird and first iteration
  • Look at how the wings curve, convex v.s concave. Look at how they make some graphic shapes and use those as the form.
  • Use the plastic so that it maintains the structure/integrity of the wings — wings are not as sharp as ones in the photos
  • beak is a little bigger — doesn’t have a similar transition to the bird
  • make it out of three pieces, how to divide it up so that it isn’t d distracting — logical
  • three parts of dividing it up — look at the base, curves, and the plate
  • Has volume like the rest of the bird
Margo’s notes on how to section off
Cat litter box used
Different angles shots
Interaction photos




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