Light Engines

Left to right — watercolor paper (heavier) bristol paper
L to R — Cardstock, lined Tracer paper
L to R — toilet paper, tracing paper
One of the failed attempts, this one was a semi circle with different slits cut in it, and when I tried to shape it, more and more pieces would come undone.
My bed frame for reference
  1. How can I increase scale?
  2. How can I create movement through simple gestures?
  3. What factors affect the projection of light? How can I bend light on curves, or stop the travel of light?
  4. How can I distill and simplify the composition?
  1. Has motion and gesture
  2. Has a presence, but is not too focal to detract from the conversations in the room
  3. Gives off warm light (makes the space cozy)
  4. Not a centerpiece, exists on the side of a couch (creates asymmetry in the room)
  5. Engaging and simple
  6. Hanging (most likely)
1st Sketch Models in the space
Lily pad Light
Stacked squares experiment
Rene Gruau illustrations for reference
Different views of the light on and off
Light in the context of the space
Main photos
Details (plus an extra)
In context view




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Jacky Lococo

Jacky Lococo

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