Pierre Cardin: Animation

Storyboard & Sketches:

  • Start with name “Pierre Cardin:
  • Move into him discussing his work and his process
  • Get into space and have his works floating all around him
  • Pan backwards through everything

Audio Development

Top Songs:

Sound effects

I think what is really going to help out my animation is the sound effects that will go with transitions and different objects popping up. The effects I will need are:

  • Sci Fi Noises for the transition into space and also the noises of objects in space like little space crafts etc.
  • Scissors for cutting the square into a circle
  • Paper folding out
  • Pencil sketches on paper
  • Sewing machine noises: For transitions with the cirlces spinning around, I asked Elise to make some noises on her sewing machine and I ended up using them for the circle transition


I worked very linearly through the process of animating and had a few checkpoints of the process.

Final Video


I had a lot of fun with this video. I think there were a lot of moments when I just kept on pushing it as far as I wanted to go, and I think it made it a lot more interesting. This project definitely taught me a lot about stepping back from the work to take a better look at it. It often felt as though I was too close to what I was working with to have a complete sense of its trajectory, so I think next time I would ask for a lot more feedback during the early and middle stages of the project. But, I am very happy with how it turned out and had a great time making it!



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