Semantics of 3D Form

Jacky Lococo
6 min readMay 11, 2021

Initial Drawings:

Looking at the shell, my initial observations are that it is a very complex shape. I noticed how the main axis runs more crooked in the shell than being straight. I am a little apprehensive for this project because I am not great at recreating form and noticing subtle details. Also my technical motor skills of forming an object are not as developed either, so I hope this project teaches me a lot more about that.

1st Iteration:Clay

4/27 2nd model: Soap

I found that the soap model was a more therapeutic and easier process than the clay. Because it was a more subtractive process, it was easier to know when to stop and when to put the form down. I do think, however, that the front view of the shell is not as circular as the front view of the shell.

Wayne and Q’s Feedback:

I think the main things to focus on are adding more volume to the soap shell like Q said, and making sure that first and foremost the spiral is represented in each form.

Refining Clay Shell:

Combined Shells:

Observation of mouse:

4/29 Mouse Clay 1st Iteration:

I think that this medium is the hardest one for me. Working with the clay makes it really difficult to know when to stop working on the form or when to keep working on it. There are also so many nuances in the mouse that I really don’t think I translated over to the clay form.

Conner’s Annotations:

When talking with Connor, he said to view this medium as being subtractive rather than being additive. I think this will help me a lot as I move forward in refining the process.

5/4 Mouse Paper 1st Iteration:

Q’s Annotations:

I think the main things that I have to change are bringing the vertical line down to the base of the mouse and then adding re-enforcement to the middle section of the mouse.

Final Critique:

Clay Shell:

Soap Shell:

Clay Mouse:

Paper Mouse:

I have to re-do the shell and soap iterations for the final submission, and also retake all of the photos. I think though that I am getting to know, and have gotten to know, the forms a bit better and have been able to read the nuances.

Final Photos

Combined Shell:

Combined Mouse:

Clay Shell

Soap shell:

Clay Mouse:

Paper Mouse:

Final Thoughts:

I think that this project was extremely difficult but also very rewarding. I think that physical making and copying is a skill that is very underdeveloped for me, but I I think that this project gave me more of a baseline of understanding and appreciating form.